1 year later

Now i'm home again and I have decided to write in english so all my friend back in The States can read about my life here. Sorry if the spelling or grammar are bad the I'll try =)

I came back from my awesome trip in California and had less then 1 week left in NJ before it was time to go back to Sweden again. On Thursday I had my 25th birthday. My and Jean took me out for a suprise, it was Manicure and Pedicure. To be honest I have never done that but it was super nice, I felt like a woman and def. wanna do it again. After that we went to the movie theatre to see The Hangover II. So funny movie but the first is still better. It was great to spend the day with my favourite girls and Im so happy to have friends like them <3 Thanks girls!!


In the evening my host family took me out for dinner. We had a nice time and when it was time for dessert the waiter came out with a piece of cake w a candle in it. The all sang "Happy Birthday to you" , just like in the movies and like I have seen so many times in the restaurants. I felt so moved and the Amrican Dream got completed =)
I miss them and my life in the states even if Im so glad to be home. Thank you for making my year the best year ever!


On Saturday I went out
in the city with the girls. Last party in NYC, it was so fun. We laughed a lotand some people know why ;)


On Monday it was time to go home. I played with the kids in the pool and by the playground, I aslso made Homemade Swedish Meatballs and they ate all of them =) At 6.30pm the family drove me to the Airport. It was hard to say goodbye. And T had many feeling that day =( I def. wanna come back next year and visit, would be so fun!

The flight was long and I couldn't sleep on the plane, only between London and Stockholm. 1 year later, when I saw my parents outside the airport in Stockholm I got tears in my eyes. I was so happy to see them again =)
It was so nice to feel the fresch air again, the smell of the forest even tough if was weird to hear everyone speak Swedish =) It maybe sound silly but those things I've really missed, the small things. We stopped on the way home and drank coffee and mom had made "Korvstroganoff" for me. A typical swedish dish that I haven't eaten since I left Sweden =) It was so good!!!!

When we came home to the house mom showed me around, they have been renovated the house a lot since I saw it last time. It looked very nice and like a typical Swedish house on the country side =) Then we sat outside on the terrace and ate rhubarb pie and I totally enjoyed everything! At 10pm I got the idea that i wanted to go for a bikeride and did for 30 minutes =) I slept like a baby that night and didn't wake up until 12 hours later!!


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