My first week Sweden. I haven't been sitting down much, been busy all week. On Wednesday I drove to Borlänge, the closest city to suprise Therese. She was so happy to see me and it was fun to suprise her. After that I drove home and parked by Elins moms house to wait for her after work. When she came and we hugged eachother we cried. Then my brother and his girlfriend came by so we talked.

On Thursday I hang out with Maria and her two daughters. We went to the playground and had picnic, had a lots of fun! I meet their cat, Frodo.

He's so cute and charming

Friday I spend the whole day with Elin, we took a long walk with the dogs, played games and I showed her my pictures from my last month.

Yesterday, Saturday my brothers came by and I showed the pictures for my family. After that I went home to Elin to preparty. We had lots of fun and after we went out on the local pub.

Today Sunday I have just been chillin' =) Taking walks with my parents dogs, eating Kebab and visited Hillevi =) 

That was my first week in Sweden after one year!


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